Making It and Taking It

I've actually never done anything at all like this. I never had one of those WordPress sites. I never even wrote an article for the school paper!
I do often find myself ruminating and on an express-train-of-thought-to-who-knows-where. 
Sometimes its totally worth the ride and the scenery. Sometimes, its nearly that run-away train. What can you do?
As long as they lead me to a place where I can draft something up that will result in some new paintings or a photo shoot.....then I'm still ok with it. 
(And lets just be real honest - I'm always gonna still be ok with it)

I kinda want to do that whole *knocks on microphone* "is this thing on?" joke! ( I suppose I just did)

Although I certainly can't speak for all artists or even many - I do know, that it can be incredibly challenging for artists to talk about themselves and their work.
Save for the few brilliant Egomaniacs like Koons, for example. (But would I be better at talking about myself, if I had all of Manhattan constantly clamoring for my attention?) Who's to say and maybe someday.

So what's the real intention on the Making It and Taking It? 
In short - it's to help me, describe me and my works, better. For you. 
There is so much that goes through the thought process, that needs to get whittled and refined and reimagined and and and......
and all that has to happen before something gets published. Before something is released for public consumption.
It can be off-the-charts difficult and all consuming.
But again, Im hoping it will fill those gaps and elaborate for you guys, how things get done here at The Abstract Latin!