Prepping for Portland

So a few weeks ago - I came across a listing that a gallerist / publisher in Portland OR, was hosting a call for entries. 
The show that they were producing was going to be called "Color:Photography Now". And the creative brief said something along the lines of (and Im totally doing some paraphrasing here) "Seeking modern applications to color photography."
I thought that bit over for a moment and I thought to myself, 'surely I have something in my CDMX portfolio that would fit this bill?!'

So I poured over and reexamined my archives - the ones from my most recent monthlong trip to the Mexican capital, which was FEB 2017.
Looking over the archives, I finalized my submission with 5 images that I felt most closely captured what they sought and what I thought CDMX answered best.
I uploaded my files and sent them along.

In some ways, well, actually, in a lot of ways, being an artist is just like being an actor. (Good thing Im in LA then I suppose)
You do your best, you make art (or take pictures) that reflect who and what you are - and you put them out in the world. Its really incredibly similar to auditioning.
And you sit and hope and wonder....will I ever hear back? The vast majority of the time - you just simply don't.
Then weeks or months later, you find out that the show you wanted to be in, is indeed up and running at some cool gallery in the warehouse district. (Just like that movie that has a soldout screening at the local movie house - which coulda and shoulda had you in it).

A little less than 2 weeks when by, when I got an email back from the producer of the show! One of my images made the cut!!!
It was explained to me, that only 24 artists would be featured in the gallery for the run of the show. A further 35 artists would be selected only for the official catalogue. Together all 59 artists would be published in the official catalogue. So that means that yours truly, is now an officially published artist!
And exactly how awesome is that?

So, I can't just yet tell you which image it is. I'll have to wait till I'm back from Portland to do so. But in the meantime - I will tease some other info and images from the CDMX collection until after 12/4!


SM Lopez xx