Xmas in Vegas

The first time I went to Vegas was in the mid to late 90s, and I was in my early to mid twenties. 
(I distinctly did not go there for my 21st birthday) 
We had tickets to see Echo & the Bunnymen in concert at the House of Blues. It was December and it was absolutely frigid when we arrived out there. 
Being that we were in our early 20s, we thought it would be just fine to be out in West Hollywood as we normally would've been - and then start driving to Vegas at half past midnight. This could only makes sense when you're that age - and only at that age would you have the energy to do something as harebrained as that.
And this is how I remember so well, how frigid it was when we arrived. Cause we arrived just about 5AM and it was about 20*F, which was the coldest I had ever been (at that time).
We were staying at a Hilton location, which is no longer in operation. But since we arrived at such a peculiar time, there was no room ready for us.
So we went into the gaming area - and this hotel in specific had a massive Star Trek exhibition / gambing expo. We killed a few hours before dragging ourselves to the breakfast buffet.....and then eventually up to our room for like 7 hours of deep blissfully silent sleep. 

That was my first time there. That and the first several times there - I completely hated Vegas. Oh so gaudy and tacky. So insincere. So noisy and garish. 
So much impled and forced madness and debauchery. I felt like it should all be levelled and better city built.

That was soooooo long ago. 
Turns out, as an adult, I really love Vegas. But not for any of the usual reasons or excuses.  
What I have come to love and appreciate about Vegas - is that "TIME" essentially ceases to exist there.
The human construct that rules our lives literally from birth to death...is close to non-existent. 
Other than arrivals and departures at hotels and airports....and if you have concert tickets...But if you go with an open-ended agenda...
The constraints of "Time" mean nothing. 

And I love that.
And thats why while Im here all week, it'll be me and the desert. And the river. And the canyon.
And Universe in the pitch-black night sky along the north rim of Lake Mead.