Nothing Fictitious

I’ve mentioned it a few times in the past year or so, but after 14 years away from the “Mother City” as I like to call it, I finally came home for good. LA was once a place I could not bear to be in, for pretty much any amount of time. Being home does feel good. It is still a very complicated endeavor though. There are still countless little issues and annoyances that linger in weird recesses of the City. (I so hate and refuse to use the work trigger/ed”)

Since I’ve been back, I seem to have been covering more territory and square footage on the West Coast than ever before. I’ve been to counties I hadn’t been to before – to cities and towns. Freeways I’ve never been on before. So many road trips – I have racked up a huge amount of miles in under a year!
Little by little, I was amassing a collection of photos taken all along the West Coast. LA, of course. Portland, San Francisco, Vegas, San Diego. Much, much earlier in 2017, I was in Seattle. But the pictures taken there didn’t make the final edit. Actually, neither did San Diego. San Diego perplexes me. It’s such a nice looking city – but I am not alone in thinking that San Diego is just so incredibly BORING.
Maybe I need to spend a number of days there, instead of just an overnighter? Maybe I really don’t.

I spent a week in Vegas just last month (DEC 2017). I love being there just before Xmas. It’s a ghost town practically. They can’t give away the rooms. I didn’t go for the gambling, cause to be honest, I prefer betting on horses than I do playing the card tables. But I knew that I needed to explore Vegas to my level of contentment. And while the “Arts District” itself was kind of a bust – I found that DTLV and the several blocks to the East of DTLV – were far more rewarding for the kind of photography I seek. I hadn’t really ever been through that part of the city before. Its um…..different….And it made clear how the old image of Vegas became so wildly popular (gamble, find a hooker, find your vice, find a cheap no-tell-motel, get cranked for 4 days…..lather-rinse-repeat).
Of course there is always that part of me that loves to be eyewitness to that kind of shame. I was definitely on the lookout for signs of a hooker surfacing for air, or some dude who just woke up after sleeping for 36 hours. Neither happened – but I’m a good storyteller, and I made up in my head for what didn’t occur.

Nothing Fictitious was born of all my recent West Coast travels. It covers a lot of territory. It covers a lot of styles, architecture, environments, landscapes. Cities and vast open spaces. Huge cities surrounded by barren deserts. Rough terrain that gives way to gorgeous coastlines. Huge hotels, huge buildings, small artifacts, small alleyways. It’s all unique to being in this part of the country though. Politics, fake news, fake this that or the other – for me, there is Nothing Fictitious about what I encountered and what I captured.